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The Hague Conversations on Conflict are a series of discussions, lectures, workshops and networking events launched by LINKS Europe in association with the Hague Humanity Hub, in June 2019. Their aim is to provide a forum where the changing nature of war and conflict can be analysed and assessed, together with the responses of international society. 

Hybrid warfare, cyber attacks and terrorism are more likely to feature in the wars and conflicts of the future than tank battles or set piece naval encounters. Demand for natural resources has always been a cause for war, but climate change is likely to make this even more important. Cyber security is now as important as the defence of frontiers. Discourse defines conflict more than ever, as words travel at instant speed and reach millions. Fake news is now not only a propaganda tool, but can be also a tool of war. Responding to these new challenges will require new approaches and skills. Preventing these new conflicts, and resolving them once they have started, will demand from the global peace-building community innovation, flexibility and resolve as never before. Global international relations are still mainly the domain of states, but increasingly non-state actors are also playing an ever more important role, both as perpetrators of conflict, and conversely in helping to solve them. The interaction between the old and the new will likely always be blurred, but a better understanding of the issues will be vital for a swift and efficient response.

In June 2019, LINKS Europe, in collaboration with the Hague Humanity Hub, launched a program of events entitled the Hague Conversations on Conflict. The aim is to examine the changing nature of war and conflict, and the various responses to them. We aim to look with a critical eye at a range of issues and different actors.

In launching the Hague Conversations on Conflict, LINKS Europe and the Hague Humanity Hub are also contributing to furthering the role of the Hague as a global city of peace and justice. As the Dutch seat of government, and home to the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice, international governmental and non-governmental organisations, and world-leading educational establishments, the city of the Hague punches well above its weight. The Hague Conversations on Conflict series aims to capitalise on the rich tapestry of experience and knowledge that the city offers, to catalyse critical discussion and to build cross sector connections between experts and practitioners.

Our online outreach activities


  • Our flagship website, was launched  in 2011 and since then has been providing daily news and analysis of events in the wider Caucasus region and beyond, in English and Russian.

  •  Caucasus Concise

Our weekly electronic newsletter, Caucasus Concise, goes out every Thursday to thousands of decision makers and opinion shapers in Europe, neighbourhood countries and beyond. The newsletter contains  short but insightful analysis of developments over the previous week and a curated selection of opinions on the region from web sources. 

  • South Caucasus Landmine Observer

A quarterly newsletter recording developments in the elimination of landmines and unexploded ordinance across the South Caucasus.  It examines policy issues related to the topic, as well humanises the ongoing challenges and efforts with news of those affected by landmines, as well as those engaged with clearing them. .

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